Import Shoe Storage in China Shanghai Bonded Warehousing


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Import Shoe Storage in China Shanghai Bonded Warehousing

Import Shoe Storage in China Shanghai Bonded Warehousing

Nantong Bonded Warehouse Nantong Comprehensive Bonded Zone has a self-built 50,000 square meter comprehensive bonded war

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Basic Info
Term Free Trade Zone
Customs Status Free Duties Storage
General Service Bonded Logistics Service
Goods Characteristics Product Warehouse
Transport Package Cartons
Specification customized
Origin China
Production Capacity 20000 Containers
Product Description

Nantong Bonded Warehouse
Our services:Bonded warehouse storage
Distribution Service in Bonded Warehouses
Order fulfillment service in china bonded warehouses
Other value-added services: labeling, picking, packing, carton ect.
Repacking, Reworking in Bonded warehouses(returned goods)
Import and export declaration service
Import and export agency services
Nantong Comprehensive Bonded Zone has a self-built 50,000 square meter comprehensive bonded warehouse


Fortune International Modern Logistics Center is located in Zone A of Nantong Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It consists of two standard logistics warehouses and provides a modern logistics center warehouse of more than 30,000 square meters; The company has formed a cooperation network with companies under Fuhanxing International in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other regions to build an East China-South China joint service platform to provide an integrated one-stop modern logistics service system in South China and East China. AdvantageThe company is headquartered in Futian Free Trade Zone, and has bonded warehouses with a total area of more than 80,000 square meters in Shenzhen Pingshan Export Processing Zone, Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park, Nantong Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Hong Kong and other places.At the same time, there are cooperative warehouses in Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Xiamen and other bonded logistics parks, which serve as cargo collection and distribution transfer centers. The warehouses have complete and advanced functional facilities such as storage, loading and unloading, fire protection, and monitoring, and are equipped with modern WMS warehouses. Management system.The company has more than 80 self-provided freight vehicles such as container trucks and vans, all of which can carry customs-supervised goods. At the same time, there are 20 cooperative professional transportation vehicles between China and Hong Kong, which can be deployed at any time.


1: The price of the bonded warehouseA: The price of different bonded warehouses is different, and the price of different goods stored is also different: the warehouse rental fee is 1.5-2.5 yuan/square meter2: Do I need to declare customs for entering and leaving the bonded warehouse?
A: Customs declaration is required for entering and exiting the bonded warehouse3: Can Chinese goods be refunded to the bonded warehouse?
A: You can get a tax refund4: Do goods need to be taxed when entering the bonded warehouse?
A: Foreign goods do not need to pay tax to the bonded warehouse