Low Price Air Express by UPS to Samiwa DDU /DDP Shipping Service


Low Price Air Express by UPS to Samiwa DDU /DDP Shipping Service

Low Price Air Express by UPS to Samiwa DDU /DDP Shipping Service

Have a great day to you!Hope you are doing well at your end . We are SDI logistics Co.,ltd as an International Freight F

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Basic Info
Model NO. SDI230017
Transport Package Cartoon and Pallet
Specification 1*1*0.8
Origin China
HS Code 1234567
Production Capacity 500000containers
Product Description
Have a great day to you!Hope you are doing well at your end . We are SDI logistics Co.,ltd as an International Freight Forwarder inchina.looking for a mutually benefit agency cooperation with your esteemed organization. Accordingly, wewould like to share with you our below services:

- Handling all kinds of exported& imported shipment (airand sea) to/from China .

- International Freight Forwarding (FCL & LCL) & Air Freight and railway freight service .

- Handling Project Cargoes as well as break bulk shipment .

- Door to Door Delivery .

-Used house hold goods and personal effect.

- trucking &warehousing&export customs&collecting ..etc service.

If you have any request, please do not hesitate to contact us. Hope to act as your best agent in China We'relooking forward to hearing from you soon

Hope below of flight carrier and logistics standard service will help your business.
HKGMCTOVOV has one aircraft with two flights , and it flies directly to MCT and DWC on weekdays. It does not accept goods with ground electricity, and the single piece weight is limited to 120kg/$5.20 $5.07 $4.85 $4.70 19-Dec
MCTQR/$7.40 $6.90 $6.76 $6.69
DWC/DXBEK/CXDirect Fly$6.76 $5.95 $5.36 $5.14 $5.07
DXBPO/$5.60 $4.77 $4.70 $4.50
BAHPO/$5.50 $4.50 $4.40 $4.26
BAHEKTransfer in Dubai$8.20 $7.40 $6.69 $6.47 $6.39
DOHPRTransfer in MNL/$7.50 $6.60 $5.80 $5.58
DOHQRDirect Fly/$7.70 $7.27 $7.20 $7.05
KWIEK/QRTransfer in Dubai$8.45 $7.64 $6.90 $6.69 $6.50
KWIGFTransfer in MNL/$6.39 $6 $5.58 $5.40
RUH/JED/DMMEYTransfer in AUH/6.396$5.88 $5.80
RUH/JED/DMMSVDay 5 direct to JED,Day 1,2,3,4,6 direct to RUH$10.50 $7.64 $6.70 $6.30 $6

Table of Content

1. What Is FCL Shipping?
2. What Are The Benefits Of FCL Shipping?
3. How Does FCL Shipping Work?
4. What Is The Difference Between FCL And LCL Shipments?
5. When is FCL better than LCL?
6. What Are The Drawbacks Of FCL Shipping?
7. How Much Does FCL Shipping Cost From China?
8. Which Factors Influence The FCL Rates?
9. What Are The Surcharges And Additional Costs For The FCL Shipment?
10. What Is Demurrage And Detention Charge In FCL Shipping?
11. How Can I Get The Best Price For FCL Shipping?
12. What Does 1×20 FCL Mean?
13. How much weight can a 40-container load in FCL shipping?
14. What paperwork will I need for FCL shipping?
15. How Long Does FCL Shipping Take?
16. Which types of containers are used in FCL shipping?

1. What Is FCL Shipping?

FCL means Full Container Load.
This is a shipping method of transporting your goods using sea freight. In this process of shipping, you can hire the entire container.
That does not mean you have to fill up the entire container.2.Why Sea Shipping is better?One of the most significant advantages of sea transport is that your items will move safely and securely. A merchant vessel can carry hazardous materials or dangerous cargo without issue. Containers are locked securely during transit to keep your valuables safe en route.


SDI LOGISTICS international logistics operation steps sharing: FOB terms

1. After your consent, we will contact the factory and get the delivery time
2. Receive the BOOKING FROM from the factory, and arrange the ship SPACE in time
3. After the S/O is released, we will inform you of the factory loading time and ship departure time as soon as possible
4. After the factory loads the container, we will check the bill of lading information with you as soon as possible, and at the same time keep an eye on the Chinese customs declaration. Once the customs releases, we will follow up with the shipowner boarding
5. After the ship leaves the port, get the copy of the bill of lading, and the copy of the bill of lading and the INV have an estimated time of arrival at the port, and tell you at the same time
6. After your company pays the freight, our company releases the bill of lading in time. This order ends