DDP Shenzhen Shipping Sea Freight Rates to Fba FCL/LCL USA


DDP Shenzhen Shipping Sea Freight Rates to Fba FCL/LCL USA

DDP Shenzhen Shipping Sea Freight Rates to Fba FCL/LCL USA

About Tengyi logistics Tengyi international logistics was established in 2015,with dozens of employees at present. Over

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Basic Info
Model NO. shipping
Transport Package Regular Packaging
Specification 100000
Trademark Tengyi Logistics
Production Capacity 100000
Product Description

DDP Shenzhen Shipping Sea Freight Rates to Fba FCL/LCL USA

About Tengyi logistics

Tengyi international logistics was established in 2015,with dozens of employees at present. Over the years, it has been professionally positioned to provide international logistics services such as international express delivery, international air export, customs declaration, global import business, etc., which has been recognized by peers and customers in the industry.The company has strategically integrated the aviation resources of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Taiwan and other airports, and has become a strategic partner with DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS and many DDP special line companies. Cooperative customers all over the country.


Process of Tengyi logistics DDP sea shipping service (to door):
1)Pick up the goods;2)enter our warehouse to measure the goods;3)the sender provides invoices to check the goods4)Review invoices and; make the bill, the sender pays the freight;5)Arrange to get out of the wearhouse and load cabinets at the Shenzhen Yantian port;6)Chinese customs declaration (truthful declaration);7)Customs clearance;8)The shipping company shipped the goods to the port of America destination port and unload the cabinet in the yard;9)Customs clearance (customs clearance can be done one week before arrival in Port);10)Release (during customs inspection, our cooperative customs clearance company will cooperate with customs communication and pay customs duties on imported goods in accordance with local customs regulations;11)The dock trailer locker goes back to the local warehouse;12) Unloading cabinets, sorting in warehouse, arranging delivery UPS dispatches a car to pick up the goods and scan them,then delivery to the address provided by the recipient. 13)Recipient signs for receipt


Important notes
Double clearance(DDP) generally refers to domestic customs clearance and foreign customs clearance. Tax package refers to the goods arriving at the destination country without having to pay other fees.Customs clearance of the country of delivery + import customs clearance after customs clearance in the country of export;Tax package usually includes fuel surcharge, destination customs clearance fee and destination tax.Foreign trade business always hope the forwarder can quote a total price, this price includes export customs declaration, destination country import customs clearance and customs duties and other fees, which is the eyes of foreign traders double clearance tax!According to the different taxes and fees of customs clearance at the destination, different products of different foreign trade customers, different hscode, different tax rates, customs clearance fees of different regions or countries are different.Benefits of double clearance:In general, cross-border e-commerce sellers and foreign trade merchants usually choose the logistics channel of double clearance tax. The sellers and foreign trade merchants mail a lot of goods with high value, which can often reach the tariff threshold of the destination country. Especially in EU countries, the starting point of tariff is 22 euro. We often exceed the value of goods, so we have to pay customs duties according to the customs regulations of various countries before we can pass customs.If you choose the double clearance service, you can enjoy the domestic export customs clearance and foreign export customs clearance services. There will be special customs clearance personnel to ensure the smooth customs clearance of goods.Matters needing attention of double clearance tax:The owner of the goods should bear all the risks and costs of transporting the goods to the destination, such as freight, double clearance tax handling charges, etc.What kind of goods is suitable for double clearance service:Generally speaking, there are two kinds of goods that are suitable for double clearance tax service. One is that the value of goods exceeds the threshold of the customs of the destination country; the other is that it is troublesome to go through normal customs clearance and can not provide complete certification related documents, such as cosmetics, liquid products, electrified products, battery products, food, books, brand products, etc.

DDP Shenzhen Shipping Sea Freight Rates to Fba FCL/LCL USA

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