Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight


Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight

Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight

Our Service FAQ * For OEM / ODM & Dropshipping service Q1.Are you a manufacturer? If so, in which city? A1: NO, our coop

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Basic Info
Model NO. Air Freight
Transit Time 1 Day
Destination Jordan
Type International Aviation Service
Storage Warehouse Storage
Additional Local Transportation
Transport Package Packing Carton
Specification PC
Trademark Kapoklog
Origin China
HS Code 2503000000
Production Capacity 99999
Product Description

Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight

Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight

Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight

Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight

Competitive China Shipping Agent to Jordan FCL/LCL Air Freight

Our Service
Expressdoor to door serviceAir Freightdoor to airport service
Ocean Freightdoor to port; port to port; both of FCL and LCLPackingpacking goods
Consolidationpick up/collect/consolidate goods from different suppliersWarehouseStorage/keep/hold on/stock goods in our warehouse
Q.C. Serviceto be your Q.C. to check the goods' quantity & qualityPurchasepurchasing goods in China
Payment Servicesyou pay us, then we pay to your suppliers for youCustom Clearanceexport in China
CertificateC.O/ F.A/ F.M/ C.E/ B.V/kapoklog SIFFA EMBASSY STAMPInsuranceall risk for theft, pilferage, non-delivery, shortage
Brand NameKapoklog logistics, Kapoklog shipping carrierDestinationEurope Italy USA


* For OEM / ODM & Dropshipping service

Q1.Are you a manufacturer? If so, in which city?

A1: NO, our cooperate factory is located in Shenzhen and our sales office is in Guangzhou. A warm welcome to your visit. Please let me know your schedule is here before you come, and we'll be ready to pick you up.

Q2. What are your main products? What is the warranty for your product?

A2: Our main products are mobile phone chargers, USB cables, headphones, Electronics, furniture, lighting . All of our products come with a 12-24 month warranty.

Q3. Do you offer free samples? A3: yes. Free samples are available. You can contact us immediately for free samples.

Q4. Is the product original? A4: Yes, all of our chargers are 100% new.

Q5. Do you offer high copy items? A5: Yes, we offer all brands of original and OEM products to meet different requirements from different buyers.

Q6. What's your delivery date? A6: OEM ODM products within 7-10 days at the earliest.

Q7. Can you help me design my own? What about the sample charge and sample time?

A7: of course. We have a professional development team to design new projects. We had done OEM and ODM projects for many customers for over 14 years. You can tell me what you think or send us a draft drawing. We will develop for you.

* For Kapoklog Logistics Freight Forwarding Service

Q1: How do I get a quick quote from Kapoklog shipping ?

A: Please tell us the product name, weight, size and full address of the receiver.

Q2: Can you check my goods for me when the cargo arrived at kapoklog warehouse ?

A: Of course, we are happy to help you check your cargo . Please provide detailed requirements for inspection.

Q3: How do I ship my goods if I have multiple shippers?

A: We can ask your supplier to send your goods to our warehouse or we can arrange to pick up the goods from the supplier to our kapoklog warehouse.

Q4: Is my cargo safe ?

A: Sure, we can help you take photos of the merchandise. If the supplier has any damage or loss, we must let you know in advance. At the same time, since your goods arrived at kapoklog company's warehouse, we will have monitoring equipment to monitor the status of the goods .

Q5: How do I pay for the cargo shipping ?

A: You can pay by bank transfer (T/T), Western Union paypal, Payoneer, Trade Guarantee etc.

Q6: When will I pay you since my cargo arrived to kapoklog' warehouse?

A: Usually, you need to pay us before you ship the goods.

Q7: My supplier does not have export rights. Can you help me export goods?

A: yes. We can buy an export license, clear the customs and ship the goods to you.

Company Information

ShenZhen Kapoklog Logistics Carrier is a first-class international freight transportation and freight forwarder approved by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Transportation Bureau, and Foreign Economic and Trade Commission of Shenzhen. The company also have the "NVOCC" qualification certificate approved by the Ministry of Communications of the Beijing and the United States Federal Maritime Administration (FMC).

Besides, the company holds C3, AMS, and ISF recognized by the United States customs in the US.

Our headquartered in Shenzhen, has a perfect proxy network of main ports in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, through in-county logistics and global freight management, we provide holistic, integrated solutions that save the time of product leaves the factory to the time it reaches to consumer. Our knowledge and network along the entire global supply chain and retail industry give us insight into creating long-term solutions for our customers.

l Sourcing and Procurement

With over a decade of experiences in the industry, Kapoklog Logistics has truly been a leading China sourcing agent in electronic products ; furniture and household products ; hotel supplies; native building materials;LED Lighting products aspects. As a professional China sourcing agent, kapoklog help companies with their sourcing, manufacturing, procurement, product development and product supply chain of their products, subassemblies or components. Kapoklog proven process ensures a quality product at the best price, delivered in a timely manner and with reduced risk to you and your assets.

l OEM/ODM services

As an OEM/ODM service provider, Kapoklog Logistics has a strong engineering and R&D team together with our own manufacturing facility and factory in house. Our featured industry is consumer electronics, LED lighting, solar panels,cosmetics, food, beverage and medical packaging (plastic injection mold), automobile accessories and tools,constructional materials, and more.

We have partnered also with reliable manufacturers in China to provide solutions in those industries to our customers.

For electronics, Our OEM and ODM services cover the complete spectrum of the product life cycle from concept to design through manufacturing and after-market services. Our engineering expertise encompasses PCB design,fabrication and assembly, electronic prototyping, customized software design/testing and more.

l Freight Forwarding Services

As one of the leading China freight forwarders, Kapoklog Logistics offer premium shipping and logistics solutions at competitive rates to all businesses looking to ship cargo from China to worldwide.

We work closely with our customers to propose and plan complete logistics solutions which will optimize their supply chain. By combining our own resources with third party logistics (3PL) services, we formulate optimal logistics strategies for customers from the design, proposal and creation of logistics systems, to their operation.

Through our reliable global network, we deliver the cargo of our valued customers safely and reliably, regardless of the size, weight and destination. We wants to be more than a service provider. We do know not only our business, but also understand our customer's. With our know-how, deep market knowledge and long-term experience we have established various outsourcing solutions for certain segments.