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Oct 26, 2023

BYD Tops April EV Sales Table in Singapore

By Published BYD topped the EV sales charts in Singapore in April. 121 BYDs were



BYD topped the EV sales charts in Singapore in April. 121 BYDs were sold in April in Singapore, and it looks like BYD sales are accelerating rapidly in Singapore, as BYD sold as almost as many units in April as it did in the first quarter of the year! In Q1, 124 BYDs were sold in Singapore. Singapore's Land Transport Authority doesn't give a breakdown of the sales by model type, but most likely the Atto 3 is one of the main drivers of sales. The BYD e6 electric station wagon is also sold in Singapore.

Here are the specs of the BYD Atto 3 Extended Range in Singapore:

BMW was in second place in April, with 39 sales, followed by Mercedes-Benz with 37 sales. Tesla was in 4th with 28 sales, and Opel rounded out the top 5 with 23 sales.

Overall, 2,185 cars were sold in Singapore in April. 303 battery electric cars were sold in the same period. That means almost 14% of new cars sold in Singapore in April were electric. A full 40% of the battery electric sales were BYDs, and BYD sales made up 5.5% of the overall new car market in Singapore in April.

The Singapore market is quite a small market. In large part, this is because the government has put in place several measures to control the vehicle population in such a small country. Last year, just under 31,000 new vehicles were registered in Singapore. In 2021, 45,442 vehicles were registered, and 44,465 vehicles were registered in 2020. Just before the coronavirus lockdowns, 72,344 vehicles were registered in 2019 and 80,281 in 2018. The flow of cars into Singapore is tightly controlled using instruments like higher import duties and taxes. They could actually extend this framework for managing inflows of vehicles to be heavily weighted towards electric vehicles.

Singapore can easily follow in the footsteps of Norway and quickly become an all-BEV market for new vehicle sales in a short space of time. Even though the Singapore market its quite small compared to traditional giant auto markets like China, USA, and Europe, its still good to follow the progress in these kinds of markets and see how well the transition to electric mobility is going there. That is why I like to follow the progress of BEV sales in these small markets, as it gives an indication of where we are now along the transition to electric vehicles in more places around the world and not just in the traditional large auto markets.

It loos like BYD is starting to make some significant inroads in several small markets. In New Zealand, BYD is also topping the May sales table. Same thing in Israel.

Data from Singapore's Land Transport Authority. Courtesy of Rutendo.

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