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Sep 29, 2023

Experience the ultimate adventure with Hurtigruten's North Cape Express

A storybook wintertime cruise along the Norwegian coast, launching September

A storybook wintertime cruise along the Norwegian coast, launching September 2023

June 1, 2023

8:00 AM

I just returned from a remarkable journey as a guest writer aboard Hurtigruten Norway's North Cape Express. Sail the MS Trollfjord, upgraded for sustainability and comfort, and you'll experience the stunning fjords, coastal villages, and Arctic icescapes underneath the glow of the Northern Lights in true Scandinavian style.

My journey began in Honningsvåg, where I indulged in fresh king crab caught in the Barents Sea. Following dinner, I joined a guided ATV/snowmobile tour—all training and equipment provided—through rugged Arctic terrain, to the North Cape. It has a real edge-of-the-world feel, worth every shiver. During the voyage, I took in the raw beauty of the fjords as the ship made its way through 16 handpicked ports.

Ørjan Bertelsen / Hurtigruten, Kirkenes Norway

Ørjan Bertelsen

Ørjan Bertelsen

Natalie Tsuleva

Sail aboard Hurtigruten's MS Trollfjord—Renovated in 2023 This comfortable, modern ship accommodates up to 500 passengers and 75 crew. New and updated amenities include three restaurants, Hurtigruten's first dedicated cocktail bar, a panorama lounge, fitness center, sauna, and a sun deck.

More than 80 percent of the restaurants’ ingredients come from 50-plus local purveyors along Hurtigruten Norway's Coastal Express route. The voyage includes cooking demos, picnics, and wine, beer, champagne, and whiskey tastings. The restaurants celebrate the Norwegian coast in different ways. Flora serves coastal fare and focuses on traditional preservation methods like smoking, salting, curing, and drying, while Árran dishes traditional Sámi cuisine and RØST offers fine dining. Guests can also enjoy specialty drinks at the new 1893 Bar, and experience a true Norwegian afternoon tea, complete with local sweets and canapes.

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MS Nordlys

MS Nordlys in Hjørundfjorden on a calm autumn day

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Local cuisine and revived recipes

dog sledding: Kongsfjord_Norway

Hurtigruten's Enhanced Excursions Guests seeking active exploration won't be disappointed, with an array of options and an average of six hours at each port. In addition to the king crab experience that I did, there's also incredible whale watching from the silence of a hybrid boat and Arctic ice fishing, where guests snowshoe across the ice, dig a hole, and fish for their dinner. In Alta and Tromsø, world famous huskies pull explorers on sleds through glistening icescapes, and in Svolvær, you can explore the coast by kayak. There's also the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, a lodge with a chapel and bar built entirely from snow and ice, and the Northern Lights Cathedral, where guests can learn the science and history of the Aurora Borealis. Hurtigruten Norway is so confident you’ll see them during your voyage that they offer their Northern Lights Promise. If the lights don't appear, they’ll give you another six-or seven-day Classic Voyage along the Norwegian Coast for free!*

In Oslo, explore the city's vibrant cultural scene, including the Oslo Opera House and the Munch Museum, home to the iconic painting, "The Scream." Save time to stroll through Vigeland Park, featuring more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigel and. If winter travel isn't in the cards, consider the Svalbard Express, launching this June.

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MS Trollfjord

After experiencing days with cloudy skies, the sky cleared and we were lucky to see the most amazing Aurora Borealis, here photographed from the sun deck of MS Trollfjord. Although it was a challenge to capture it from a moving ship!

*Excluding airfare, pre and post cruise accommodations, and excursions.

June 1, 2023

8:00 AM

Honningsvåg North Cape Sail aboard Hurtigruten's MS Trollfjord—Renovated in 2023 Flora Árran RØST 1893 Bar Hurtigruten's Enhanced Excursions Alta Tromsø Svolvær Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel Northern Lights Cathedral Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Promise Oslo